ECU Testing and ECU Repair Service

An uncompromising ECU Testing and ECU Repair Service

We provide vigorous ECU Testing and ECU Repair services for each and every one of the major vehicle manufacturers, including (but not limited to): Vauxhall, VW, Mercedes, Audi, Seat, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, BMW, Fiat, and Rover.

ECU Testing – A comprehensive service undertaken with cutting edge equipment

Our team of technicians use cutting edge equipment to undertake their daily activities and deliver the robust services that they have become known for. This includes our ECU testing machines which provide for solid real time testing. Testing includes: petrol and diesel engine management units, BSi units and instrument clusters.

We are also able to test in simulated atmospheric conditions (whether its summer or winter) to identify and remedy faults that may occur at only such conditions.

We are able to simulate engine vibration exactly and also offer multiple testing: non-starting and cutting out problems.

ECU Repair Services – Real value for money, enhanced through an unlimited warranty

Our ECU Repair Service provides for excellent value for money when compared to the cost of replacing an entire unit, and is backed up with a warranty (ask for details).

What’s more we only ever use original parts to replace the old, worn out or faulty parts.

Immobiliser Decoding/ECU Decoding – Overcoming complete immobilisation

If your vehicle has an immobiliser issue, where it refuses to start despite the ECU unit being problem free then we can provide the essential decoding service that you need for the ECU to begin receiving the immobiliser signal, and your vehicle back on the road in no time.

An expansive range of units: Catering for all vehicles of all forms

We continually add to the list of units that we can provide services for, currently offering comprehensive ECU Testing and ECU Repair Services upon all modern cars, be they diesel or petrol, as well as some BSi units and instrument clusters.

About us: A garage with a simple principal

Our Brent based garage is ran on one simple principle: that for too long consumers have felt consistently ripped off by sky high prices, and treated as if they were lucky to receive such expensive service. At Auto400 we’re different. We treat every customer with complete courtesy and we endeavour to provide a one stop shop for anything and everything related to your vehicle. And we deliver great service at truly reasonable prices.

Your ECU Testing and ECU Repair Needs: Let’s talk

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to book in with the team then you can call the office directly on: 020 8902 7789, email us on: or send us a message via our contact page and someone will be right back in touch.

You can also stay up to date with Auto400 through our Facebook page, where you can check out previous client reviews and keep up to date with the latest news from the team.