Car Engine Rebuilds

If you keep your car’s engine well maintained, it will work properly for as long as you need it, but even the best-maintained engine can break down catastrophically, and that may require new parts or even a complete engine overhaul. It used to be that a car needed an engine overhaul around 100,000 miles, and the worn parts replaced with new ones, and high performance engines and motorcycles needed an overhaul at even shorter periods. But modern engines are designed to run for much longer periods of time, however if they are not properly looked after, you may find yourself with an expensive rebuild.

The rebuilding of an engine means that it has to be completely removed from the chassis and all associated parts – gearbox, fuel-injection system, cooling system – need to be removed. Once it is stripped to its minimal level, the work on stripping the engine can start. Typically during a rebuild, the crankshaft bearings, piston rings, barrel liners, and camshaft bearings are replaced as a matter of course, so new items will have to be sourced. That means that the engine needs to be stripped down to component level, and that will take both some time to complete and need special tools to remove press-fitted items such as bearings.

If rebuilding an engine, it is always wise to go as far as replacing the crank half-bearings but the piston connecting rods are usually made of two semi-circles that bolt together, so getting them apart isn’t a problem.

With the engine in pieces, it is always worth looking for signs of excessive wear and other problems such a seized parts. These last problems would usually be apparent by an area of local heating as the two parts rubbed against each other. Once the engine has been taken to pieces, fully inspected and new parts have been secured for the replaceable items and all parts have been thoroughly cleaned and degreased, it can be put back together. New gaskets and grease should be used were appropriate and work should be carried out in an environment that is as clean and dust free as possible.

Rebuilding an engine can be time consuming and fairly costly, but if it is done properly, you will end up with an engine that will last a good couple of hundred thousand miles.