How to avoid those costly car repair garages scams

Taking your car in for repair can be costly at the best of times. Taking your car in for repair at a garage with less scrupulous practices can end up even more costly, either on the day itself or in the long run. By being savvy and avoiding these car repair scams, you could save yourself a significant sum of money.

Don’t be fooled by unnecessary work

If you take your car in because of one issue, only to be told there are several other things wrong with it, you might want to consider getting a second opinion from a mechanic from a different garage. Of course the mechanic may well be telling the truth, but by getting a second opinion you will have that peace of mind that you didn’t pay out for any unnecessary work. You might even find the second garage gives you a better price for that particular job.
One particularly dirty trick is where the mechanic replaces one of your easy to remove parts, such as tyres or air filter with something old and worn. They then show you the worn parts, in an attempt to convince you of why they need replacing. If this happens to you, it can be difficult to prove, all you can really do is be aware of when things were last replaced and how much wear they are likely to have.

Along these lines, don’t let them force you into any work that doesn’t need doing just yet. If you’re told that wearable parts such as your tyres, clutch or brakes only have a few thousand miles left on them, think about how much mileage you do and whether or not it is something you can just keep an eye on for the time being. If you do several hundred miles a week, you might prefer the convenience of getting these things done while your car is already in the garage, whereas if you are the sort of driver that only does a few thousand miles a year, you might get another six months or more wear out of them.

Make sure the job is well done

The best way to make sure any work done to your car is done properly is to take it to a garage you have been to before, or that comes recommended by a friend, relative or colleague. If the job isn’t done properly, at best it will mean it needs doing again and worst could mean you are driving around in a dangerous car.

Check as best you can that authorised parts have been used. Some you will be able to see, others you can at least ask to see evidence of the packaging. Also be aware of garages which tell you they are fitting a manufacturer made part, when in fact they fit a cheaper, third party produced part.

Shop around

Some garages will overinflate their prices simply by telling you that a job takes a lot longer to do than it does in reality. It is easy enough these days to look online and get an idea of whether they are charging you a good price for parts, but nothing can beat asking around to get the best price on labour.

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