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When talking about cars, we all know Mercedes Benz is synonymous with elegance and style, it exudes a certain level of class, and with that being said the German manufacturer produces many vehicles, which it separates into various classes and models.

With a number of different models across the entire range, Mercedes Benz caters for every taste. The running costs for each of the classes vary slightly, as do the general figures across the ranges, throughout classes and individual models. The A-Class models come in both a hatchback and AMG model, with the petrol models starting at 121 break horsepower (bhp) and rising up to 208bhp in the 2.0 litre engine models. On diesel models it starts at 107bhp and rises to 134bhp. The C-Class is a saloon model with a break horsepower of 167 – 502. The CLK Coupe, convertible and AMG models come with a 147 – 499 bhp across the models.

For the A-Class, based on recent data, you can expect a yearly fuel spend, based on 10,000 miles, for unleaded to be between £951 – £1275 and for a diesel £636 – £878. The A-class has low emissions and a fuel economy data of 89, making it one of the greenest cars on the road. As for road tax, you can expect to pay up to £180 per year. For the B-Class, based on an annual mileage of 10,000 you can expect your fuel costs to be between £1005 – £1245 for unleaded and £683 – £909 for Diesel, with road tax also up to £180 per year. For C-Class models, based on the same yearly mileage as above, the fuel costs are, on average between £986 – £1087 for unleaded and £707 – £821 for diesel.

Road tax often comes in between £20 – £130 for this type of Mercedes.

The E-Class comes in a variety of models: the saloon, estate, coupe, cabriolet and AMG, ranging from 134 – 576 bhp, depending on which car you purchase across the range. The E-Class has a yearly fuel estimate of £1112 – £2011 for unleaded and £796 – £1306 for diesel and a road tax cost that varies between £30 – £505. The 4×4 in the range is the GLC class with a 167 – 201 bhp, while the M-Class comes in a hatchback, station wagon, estate and AMG and the SLK comes in the form of the roadster and AMG, with a 187 – 517 bhp depending on the model selected.

As well as providing vehicles for private clients, Mercedes Benz also provides vans and trucks for the commercial client, from vito vans to 44 tonne tractive units. These can be across sectors from delivery to emergency services and the military.

Common problems throughout the range seem to be minor, outside of wear and tear issues relating to use and age, and are often relating to minor electrical issues. Overall these models are well built and reliable.

However, there are issues that some of the owners will face. For example: camshaft adjuster solenoid failure. This problem can cause some major issues with the timing change, which will lead to the inability to operate the vehicle and finally causing tremendous wear and tear on the balance shaft. If you notice that the “Check Engine Light” is staying on continuously, it may be time to take your Benz into the dealership garage. If you allow this problem to continue, without remedying it, you may be faced with high repair ticket. Visit our car garage in Wembley for Mercedes service.

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