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Volvo is one of the oldest car manufacturers. They were originally founded in 1927 and have consistently released excellent vehicles. The Swedish company currently employs 15,000 staff. They make an assortment of vehicles ranging from sports utility vehicles to sedans! In 2011, the company sold a little over 449,000 vehicles, which increased 20% the following year! This isn’t a coincidence. The company is one of the leaders and always releases vehicles, which are durable, reliable and highly innovative.

Excellent Models

The Volvo XC90 is one of the most impressive vehicles from this company. It is capable of transporting 7 people, while allowing them to maintain their comfort. The vehicle is available in diesel and petrol. The diesel engine offers 225 BHP. This all wheel drive vehicle ensures that you’ll be able to go wherever you desire, without problems. The fuel consumption is around 50 miles per gallon. The vehicle’s design and style is exceptionally beautiful and cool. Overall, the Volvo XC90 is a wonderful option and well worth checking out!

Volvo S80

If you’re looking for a very stylish vehicle, which offers pure luxury, you’ll most certainly want to look at the awesome S80. This is one of the most reputable cars from the Volvo family. This is no coincidence, since the vehicle is beautiful, bold and delivers outstanding performance. This is a diesel vehicle only. It is a front wheel drive. The fuel consumption for the vehicle is the best aspect of all! With nearly 70 MPG, you can guarantee that the vehicle will cost very little to operate

Volvo Running Costs

The precise running costs for the Volvo will ultimately depend on the specific model that you have selected. Your choice of fuel will also play a major role here. With some diesel models, it is possible to achieve 55 MPG or more. This is fairly good and more efficient than many other models. Although this might not be as good as other manufacturers, 40-50 miles per gallon is excellent nonetheless. The overall cost for parts and service isn’t overly expensive, which is a great bonus.

Volvo commercial

Volvo does not just provide vehicles for private use and have a wide range of vehicles for commercial use. Clients can choose from five different models of trucks that are used for distribution, tank, refuse, construction and refrigeration. As well as these trucks, Volvo provide urban transport for transportation and delivery as well as buses, mini buses and construction equipment.


Volvos are reliable cars across the entire range, with great build quality, performance and economy. If any, common problems throughout the range seem to be minor, with minor electronic issues and general wear and tear.

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